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Truthsocial- @amberfororegon  FB- @AmberforGovernor IG- amberfirst4oregon TikTok- AmberforOregon Gettr- @Amber4Oregon  It is time for patriots not politicians! Let's get our state back 

I was born in Corvallis, Oregon and raised in beautiful southern Oregon , my family would camp, hunt, fish, and hike. I'm one of three girls; that alone is challenging  for some parents, yet my parents and family embraced life. We were taught gun safety at a young age, how to drive a stick and other types of vehicles. Growing up in southern Oregon I attended local schools from elementary to college. After years of working different industries, I earned my LMT ( licensed massage therapist). I have been at my practice over ten years, I've moved in the direction of medical massage. Pre and post surgical massage, scar tissue, injuries, and many more modalities. Over the last ten years I've watched my beautiful state of Oregon become a different state. From our logging industry and forest management , bills and measures passed that hurt our citizens and their businesses, taxes, and infringement of our rights. I've decided to run for Oregon state Governor. My campaign is more of a grassroots style. I have many ideas and plans that will help our state regain its strength from the overtaking. I want to collaborate ideas and be a resource for getting more individuals involved in our communities, and our state. I'm proud to be an American, I'm proud to be an Oregonian. I come from a family of veterans, I'm very passionate about our veterans, and the men and women who are still serving today. We owe it to them, they fought for us, so we could have our rights. We need to stand up for them, so we can keep our rights. 

Our Elderly is something not a lot of people talk about, this breaks my heart. Their generations have paid more into our society and are truly left out. More of my elderly patients feel like they are un-heard, un-cared for, and are truly taxed more then most. This is a travesty.  

While my campaign is different, all campaigns need money, and I do. I will be spending more wisely and we will be camping when we travel, or staying with friends and family. There is no need for 600$ hotel nights and dinners, if we have to stay at a hotel it will be very conservative spending. Also we are doing a college tour to encourage our youth that they can buy a home or start a business, yet if they keep voting the way they have been then they will continue to vote with their boots. They will not be able to survive, our college tour is about encouraging our youth not discouraging . I'm 36 years old, I have had to work two jobs my entire adult life to survive in Oregon. I want more for our youth, I want them to have a chance. Oregon is at a crossroads, it is a make it or break it moment. 

So I have a huge college tour coming up, it starts February 9th 2022! I'm so very excited about this tour for a few reasons. One I went to college right out of high school not knowing what I wanted to do, I racked up a huge student loan, was working two jobs, and put myself under a lot of stress. So I guess you could say I relate a lot with what college today students feel more than what their parents felt when they went to school. Two when I finally went to a trade school about five years later, I was able to get a degree, and a trade at the same time at a community college which was way less than the university I went to when I first went to college. I'm not against college at all, I'am for a higher education. Yet I do have some different ideas on how to better prepare our students than what they offer now. Trade schools are an amazing opportunity, yet there is zero funding programs truly that are worth your while. Three the youth tour is important to get our youth involved in our politics and our constitutional rights. I want our youth to have a successful chance at adult hood in an encouraging way not discouraging. We need young adults in trade, we need more small business, but our youth need a chance, not hurdles thrown at them.  

Hope For Oregon
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