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Election Integrity- So far our government officials have been avoiding the issue of the mail in vote, and our registry election programs. Although the elected officials agree and know the outdated programs are in desperate need of change, they have decided to wait until 2023. Another example of how our current state governor and elected officials do not put Oregonians first. 

Forest Management- Oregon needs to bring back our forest management protocols, get our logging industry back. Kate Brown insist that our fire crisis is completely due to to climate change, I disagree. We have not been managing our forest properly. Year after year we live in a smoke season; this is not Oregon, I know I was born and raised here.  Now this is also due to neighboring states, California and Washington have also been following similar forest destroying "protocols" for forest "survival."  These programs, policies, and government overreach, is destroying everything. For Oregon to get out of this mess, we have to step up. Bring common since policies to every industry now. Kate Brown and numerous bureaucrats have led us here. Its time for change in the direction that is transparent and productive. Oregon needs real results, real solutions, real work getting done, no more talk, we need action. 

Crime- I do not agree with defunding the police. We have seen crime rise 800 % , homes and businesses destroyed. This is due to poor leadership by our Governor. Crime consequences are low and are not working. There is zero accountability or punishment for individuals that break the law. We have no balance in our cities and where authority should be present it has been stripped away. 

Abortion- Every republican is asked to talk about this issue. I'm a firm believer that the government should not tell you what you can and can not do with your body, I also believe in life and the rights of those infants. Here is where we actually fix the issue; if you want an abortion pay for it.  We live in 2021 contraceptives and education on how you get pregnant are readily available. When it comes to rape or abuse, here is where money should be going. Sexual assault funding can provide a safe place for victims of these heinous crimes. Sexual Assault, and Domestic violence , Sex Trafficking, are one of the top to get budget cut first.  There are so many emotionally charged issues that our government uses against us citizens. This is one if them, its is a 50-50 issue, there are people who are very against abortion, and others who are not. It is not fair to tax so many people on a surgery they have very deep issues with. Lets educate and fund programs that actually help rape victims, abuse, and domestic violence. Support programs that really help, not to just use tax payer money and drop the programs that actually make change and help victims. We should be focusing on sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. 

Gun Rights - I stand by our 2nd amendment. If you look at the states with the most extreme gun control laws; those states and cities have higher crime. Gun control is yet another form of government control. Our government finds emotionally charged issues and uses these issues to take advantage of citizens. 

Budget- Our over all state budget is not balanced. We need a full audit on all agencies. This way we can truly see where money is being spent, how much, see what programs are working, which ones are not. We need to de-regulate harmful and foolish fees and cost for small businesses and independent  contractors. There are certain government entities that have been given way too much authority ( costing tax payers more money, and hurting businesses) and to be downsized. 

Water Crisis- This fits with the budget issues we have in Oregon, pay the farmers for their water rights. We have had issue after issue with water since Kate Brown took office.  Between the forest management or lack there of, poor budget management, it is no surprise where we are today. I believe working with our farmers and our tribes in Oregon is key to getting Oregon back on track. It is going to take a year or two to resurrect Oregon after the abuse from our current governor and elected officials. Oregon has the money to build more water reservoirs, Oregon has the technology and resources to utilize so we can become more energy independent ,so we can lower the cost of bills. 

Taxes- Our taxes are not balanced. We need to lower taxes and help grow the middle class. We need to lower taxes, if we do not our youth will never be able to prosper and more Oregonians will move away because it will be too expensive to live here. 

Elderly- We need to take care of our elderly better. We have a huge community of people who are retired, yet a lot of the programs are geared to youth and lower income. Our elderly pays more money to programs and property taxes on a fixed income; this is  not balanced. Our government assistant programs are not balanced and are misused. 

Education- Our education system is being challenged by our governor. Making math, science, reading, and other foundational structures of education a non-requirement is absurd. Not only has there been mandates and other forms of government over reaching; Unions have also overstepped many boundaries of students and their parents. The students and families have suffered enough, it is time to give the authority where it should have remained this entire time. 

Homeless- This has become a huge issue for Oregon and neighboring states. We keep spending millions of tax payers dollars and still no results. We need change; we need to audit the homeless government agencies, find out exactly what we are spending what works and what doesn't. We have a drug and mental health issue which creates a large homeless issue. The more money we keep dumping into programs that clearly do not work, we will continue to have a crisis. 

Hope For Oregon
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