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* Young Republicans Portland Oregon destination TBA  NOV 20. 


* DEC 9th 7 am zoom meet and greet eastern Oregon Republican Meeting ( Alex M) 

* Jackson County Republican meeting 7 pm Dec 14th 2021 -15 Speaking time -intro, Q and A 

 *January mid week TBA EVENT

 * January 17th 2021, Republican Debate. Portland Oregon!  I'm invited!  to debate BIG names! message me about the tickets and tables and all the things!

 * Cottage Grove meet and greet January 18th Stacy's Covered Bridge 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm 

 * January 28 One's Purpose TBA 

*  Union Creek Republican Party meet and Greet. Question and Answer. 6:30 pm Feb 15 2022

* February 19th Lincoln Day Republican Dinner Jackson county. tickets 100$.  I'm so excited about this one too, in my home town, ask me about tickets? I cant wait to celebrate! 

There are more debates I would like to post, they have contingencies with them..... so you have to have 100k in your campaign funds to go, so I will not post. One I do not have those funds yet, and well ya know..... probably more sentences not needed. Either way I would love to debate given the chance and the opportunities. 

* more dates to come



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